Secret of VA Claims Delays Revealed

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21 May, 2019 By Albert Morrow

I am retired from being an I.T. and Business Consultant for 30 years. Going to the VAMC in WPB and I'm certain within all VAMC, are having the same ongoing computer problems. This problem is causing a delay in helping disabled veterans as well as frustration and stress for all VAMC employees.


The problem, that is becoming worse as the months go by, is the computers are in desperate need of being upgraded or replaced. The box type computer on each of the provider's desk are obsolete and need to be replaced. The CPU's, within them, can no longer handle the five or more software (larger size software programs) screens that need to be accessed to get the veteran's information. A reboot may have to take place at some medical work locations or the number of I.T. Network Servers, disk storage databases of veteran information or any other I.T. equipment connecting all these computers need to be upgraded or replaced. This is a massive cost and I.T. tech manpower operation that would have to take place when the Hospitals are closed during normal business hours with the exception of the 24 hour ER facilities. I know for certain if asked of any tech support and personnel providers of any VAMC across the country that the problem is, and will get worse as the months go on, resulting in a final unacceptable VAMC support of veteran using these I.T networked computers. I'm certain the VA tech support teams are doing everything they can to maintain the needed support for all these VAMCs but they too will tell you what is needed is what I had previously said. Monies need to be allocated and action needs to take place before it becomes unmanageable sooner than later.


I recommend an immediate VA technical review/confirmation of this ongoing issue and begin/create a plan to address this possibly low priority for it to become a higher priority.


VAMC Computers need upgrading - This is my continued observation and hearing the VAMC personnel responses of the IT problems that have been taking place. I hope this gets the attention that is needed sooner and not too much later.

Written by

Albert Morrow

Retired Department of Veterans Affairs IT Technician.