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Special Category K

Category K gives extra Special Monthly Compensation based solely on the loss of (amputation or removal) or loss of use of a body part or function. This is in addition to:

  • Regular VA Disability compensation, even if you do not qualify for any other type of Special Monthly Compensation. The total amount of compensation received, however, cannot be more than the amount of compensation given for Category L.
  • Special Monthly Compensation under Categories L through N 1/2, as long as it doesn’t add up to be more than the amount given under Category O. Category O is the top limit for these categories.
  • Category S
  • Category R, but only if the condition that qualifies for Category K is not the same condition that qualifies for Category R. If Category K is added to Category R, the total Special Monthly Compensation cannot be more than the highest amount given for Category R1.
  • Category K can be given even if the condition does not qualify for any other Special Monthly Compensation. A single amount is given for EACH body part that is lost or cannot function, so in theory, you could add up as many Category K amounts as you have qualifying conditions as long as the total Special Monthly Compensation does not exceed the limits noted above.

The following body parts can be rated under this category:

  • Amputation of a hand
  • Amputation of a foot
  • Loss of use of a hand
  • Loss of use of a foot
  • Physical loss of one eye
  • Total blindness in one eye to such a degree that the individual only has the ability to perceive light or less
  • Physical loss of a creative organ, including ovaries, uterus, testicles, etc. If the loss of the creative organ was caused by an operation that was not performed by the DoD or VA or a referred physician, it does not qualify for rating unless the surgery was performed to correct a service-connected condition. For one testicle to qualify it must be one of the following: 1.) 1/3 the size of the other testicle, 2.) ½ or less the size of the other testicle and significantly harder or softer than the other, or 3.) tests prove that it is no longer producing sperm.
  • Loss of use of a creative organ
  • Inability to speak without the help of a prosthesis because of damage to the muscles or nerves that control the voice
  • Complete deafness in both ears (must be both in this case, not just one). The VA rating for this condition must be 100% to qualify.
  • Loss of use of BOTH buttocks (For “loss of use” in this case, the veteran must be unable to rise to his feet and remained balanced without using his arms or assistance, and the condition is rated at least 50% under VASRD code 5317.)
  • Loss of 25% or more of breast tissue in one or both breasts combined, or after radiation treatment to the breast tissues

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