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VA Investigators Nab "Blind" Veteran
June 22, 2018

A veteran in Jacksonville, Florida, has been accused of play-acting to be a blind veteran in order to collect compensation benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Through the use of video surveillance, VA investigators report they caught Army veteran Jose Calderon-Fuentes doing rigorous yard work at his home, and driving himself in his privately owned vehicle (POV).  All instances caught on camera involve Calderon-Fuentes working and driving by himself.

VA investigators maintain it didn’t take long to nab Calderon-Fuentes in the act of working and driving.  Most surveillance cases take weeks to make visual contact, however, Calderon-Fuentes was caught on the first day of surveillance coverage.

It is yet to be determined, but, it looks as if Calderon-Fuentes could face up to 10 years behind bars for what appears to be a case of disability fraud. 

VA investigators report that Calderon-Fuentes claimed to be bilaterally blind (blind in both eyes usually as the result of arterial blood flow to the eyes), so he could collect thousands in VA compensation benefits.

According to VA investigator reports, Calderon-Fuentes was service-connected at 100 percent for multiple disabilities, chief among them, bilateral blindness.  As part of the investigative discovery, VA investigators unveiled that Calderon-Fuentes applied for and received a driver’s license in Puerto Rico.  Part of the process of getting a driver’s license in Puerto Rico involves driving by yourself on a controlled driving route.  VA investigators also discovered medical evidence that showed Calderon-Fuentes has 20/50 vision in both eyes.

Sentencing for Calderon-Fuentes is scheduled for September 2018.

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