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How to Apply for SSDI Benefits

As a veteran, if you are ready to apply for SSDI, you have numerous options available to you. You can either go online to the SSA website at to start the process, call the SSA's toll-free number at 800-772-1213, or visit your local SSA office to start your claim in person.


Supreme Court Ruling On Veteran's Pay

The Supreme Court ruled Monday, May 15, 2017, that states cannot increase a former spouse’s share of a veteran’s military retirement pay to make up for a loss in benefits caused by a waiver to receive disability payments.


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Apply for GI Bill Benefits

Are you aware that veterans can apply for GI Bill benefits online?  The application for benefits may be completed online at The VA Office will mail a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) or Award Letter that indicates the months and percentage of entitlement for Chapter 33 Post 9/11, monthly rate of payment for Chapters 30, 35, 1606, and 1607.

Veterans must provide a copy of the COE or Award Letter and National Guard/Reservists must provide DD Form 2384-1, Notice of Basic Eligibility, at the time of application.

Transfer students will need to complete VA Form 22-1995 (Request for Change of Programs or Place of Training).

Veterans receiving VA education benefits must provide their Veteran Service Office or VSO with a list of registered courses each semester for continuation of monthly payments.

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