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Woods & Woods, LLP
208 NW 4th St.
Evansville, IN 47708
Telephone:  1-866-232-5777

Attorney Mike Woods founded Woods & Woods in 1985 to help injured and disabled people. Mr. Woods has grown Woods & Woods into a nationwide law firm that employs over 75 people. Mr. Mike Woods has helped build several different practice areas at Woods & Woods, including Veterans Disability, Social Security, and Personal Injury practices. Mr. Woods is always looking for new ways to help injured and disabled people. His innovation has helped Woods & Woods grow into the national law firm that it is today.


VA's New Contact Information
December 15, 2016

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is introducing a new resource contact telephone number to help veterans and their families get the information they need – quicker.  This new national toll-free number will help eliminate the feeling of frustration and confusion that veterans and their families have expressed when navigating the 1000-plus telephone numbers that currently exist in the VA system. 844-MyVA311 (844-698-2311) is a go-to source for veterans and their families who don’t know what number to call.  With 844-MyVA311, veterans, families, and caregivers can access information about VA services like disability, pension, health care eligibility, enrollment, and burial benefits, in addition to a self-service locator to find the nearest VA facility. And if they’re looking for immediate assistance with housing or are having a mental health crisis, MyVA311 will route callers to the Homeless Veteran help line and the Veterans Crisis Line immediately.


White House VA Hot Line

The hotline can be accessed at 855-948-2311 and is VA’s first non-clinical, non-emergency around-the-clock call center. It provides Veterans a supplemental option to report issues if they are not being addressed through VA’s normal customer service channels.

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