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231.  What is my next step?

232.  If you are missing records vital to your claim how do you successfully get your claim approved?

233.  Does anyone know how far the Pittsburgh Regional Office is backlogged with appeals?

234.  Does anyone know of a good VA accredited attorney who handles sleep apnea cases?

235.  Can one doctor's medical opinion override 3 other doctors?

236.  Will the VA stop pension checks if you receive SSI?

237.  How much longer must I wait for appeal results?

238.  Will they pay the lesser of the two amounts?

239.  Is tonsil cancer on the presumptive disabilities list?

240.  Can I apply for more compensation without losing my current status of being total & permanently disabled?

241.  Does a PA's opinion trump a neurosurgeons diagnosis for PTSD?

242.  Should I have been rated at 100% after serving 21 days in a VA treatment facility?

243.  What is the code for being rated 100%?

244.  What is the difference between the VA IU and Pension?

245.  Can my wife be compensated for taking care of me?

246.  Why hasn't the VA let me know of my results?

247.  How to convince BVA of your evidence?

248.  Can the VA reduce my compensation?

249.  How can I prove my disability caused my stroke?

250.  Am I entitled to 100%?

251.  Will Individual Unemployability (IU) be dropped?

252.  Will VA drop the "No Review Status of Current Rating?"

253.  Should I apply for an increase?

254.  Will VA drop heart conditions from the presumptive Agent Orange list of disabilities?

255.  Can a dependent file a claim posthumously?

256.  Will there be a COLA increase in 2018?

257.  How did the VA determine my disability was not service-connected?

258.  Can a disabled veteran rated 100% total & permanent apply for additional compensation?

259.  Can you receive VA compensation and pension at the same time?

260.  How do I get health records from foreign medical facility?

261.  Is CTE eligible for VA Compensation?

262.  Am I eligible to use VA hospital?

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