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203. How do I update my personal information on Camp Lejeune so that I get information as it is released?

204.  Where do I go to get more information about using my VA loan benefit?

205.  Any chance of my condition being a VA disability?

206.  Can I apply for additional benefits as a result of a recent stroke that left me weak and needing oxygen?

207.  Is this the end of Individual Unemployability (IU)?

208.  Do I have to repay the VA for the money I received?

209.  Does my injury have a negative effect on my sinus?

210.  Will my dog be covered under VA insurance?

211.  If I win large monetary judgment will I have to repay the VA all the compensation I have received?

212.  How long does it take to have my spouse added for compensation?

213.  Can I get compensation for condition not on the presumptive disability list?

214.  Do I qualify for Aid & Attendance?

215.  Will my Honorable Discharge allow me to get benefits?

216.  How long does it take for prostate cancer claim to be approved?

217.  I have very few medical records to show a history of medical problems.  What can I do?

218.  Can I file a claim for shorter leg length caused by doctor?

219.  Can someone please give me guidance as to how compensation and pension evaluations are conducted?

220.  What can I do to get the VA to review my paperwork?

221.  How do I get an increase for additional hearing loss?

222.  Can I apply for sleep apnea benefits and unemployability?

223.  Why didn't my claims representative use evidence in my service medical records to prove my claim?

224.  What is the status of hypertension being added to the presumptive list of disabilities from Agent Orange exposure?

225.  Can I apply for sleep apnea and unemployability since I am 70 years-old?

226.  Is it true there are no state or federal tax reporting requirements for veterans receiving VA compensation?

227.  Will the VA make readjustments to my compensation?

228.  Why aren't veterans eligible for Individual Unemployability (IU) the first time?

229.  Can anyone help with my appeal reconsideration?

230.  How can I find out about the status of my appeal? 

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