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136.  How long will my compensation last?

137.  My husband served in the Naval Reserve.  Are there any benefits for him?

138.  I was previously denied compensation for a disability that is now considered a presumptive disability.  Should I refile?

139.  I have a new disability.  Am I eligible for additional compensation?

140.  I was previously denied compensation for a disability that is now a VA presumptive disability.  Why Am I still ineligible for compensation?

141.  If disabled veteran passes away can dependents still use education benefits?

142.  How can I increase my social security benefits to equal my VA compensation at 100%?

143.  Can I apply for additional disabilities?

144.  How can I get compensated for my heart condition?

145.  How do I find out about survivor's compensation?

146.  Will the VA take care of my acne scars?

147.  Should I claim related condition?

148.  How should I prepare for my DRO Board meeting?

149.  If I file for VA disability compensation will it effect my retirement pay?

150.  Do you have to pay back VA disability compensation money?

151.  My records do not indicate that I was ever diagnosed with sleep apnea, so I was denied benefits.  Should I reapply?

152.  Is there a correlation between explosion and my current health problems?

153.  At what rate does CHAMPVA kick in?

154.  How can my flights in Vietnam be located?

155.  What discounts or benefits are available to me and my wife in the Philippines?

156.  How can I find out what toxic chemicals I was exposed to on board Navy ship?

157.  Are VA benefits available for hospice care and cremation?

158. Can anyone help me on finding information about a superfund site?

159.  Is compensation available to service members who were stationed at Sukaran?

160.  How do I get dental benefits caused by PTSD?

161.  Is hypertension linked to Agent Orange?

162.  How do I increase my social security benefit?

163.  Why was my request for an increase denied without having a C & P evaluation?

164.  Is hypothyroidism related to Agent Orange exposure?

165.  How long will I have to wait for my payments to resume after getting out of jail?

166.  Should I be paid extra for Agent Orange related conditions?

167.  Are there any presumptive service-connected disabilities associated with tours in Taiwan?

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