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72.  What is the process for using the commissary on military installations?

73. Can I be re-evaluated?

74.  How do I assign someone to be my veterans advocate?

75.  What is the normal amount of time it takes to see a VA Judge?

76.  Is it true you can't reach 100% unless a single disability is rated at 100%?

77.  How do I get my doctor to update my medical records?

78.  How long does it take to get your medical records?

79.  How do I find out if I am eligible for benefits?

80.  How does travel reimbursement work?

81.  Does the VA pay compensation for plantars fasciitis?

82.  How can I get my medical records from Germany?

83.  Can I draw extra funds for maintenance and repairs?

84.  Can I request an increase in compensation without losing my current rate?

85.  Can I do anything about my husband's suicide as a result of lack of care?

86.  How do I decrease check processing time when my spouse passes away?

87.  Will my spouse receive CHAMPVA and VA medical benefits when I die?

88.  Is there a Class Action lawsuit I can join against ITT Tech?

89.  What happens next when appeal transcript is back at your Regional Office?

90.  Will the VA provide me with a caregiver after I have surgery?

91.  Why doesn't the VA recognize Thailand as a place exposed to Agent Orange?

92.  How do you add disabilities to increase compensation?

93. What are the chances that my compensation will not be reduced even though I have a letter from the VA indicating my compensation may be reduced?

94.  Is there a paid Life Insurance program for veterans rated at 100%?

95.  Please help me understand the appeal process.

96.  Will the VA make veterans choose between their retirement pay or VA compensation?

97.  Can I get assistance for assisted living?

98.  Will I get SMC along with my VA compensation?

99.  Anywhere I can find my military orders?

100.  How do I compose NOD for secondary disability?

101.  Can I re-file a claim that was previously denied?

102.  How do I sign-up for caregiver assistance?

103.  Can a disabled veteran receive more than 100% compensation?

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