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35.  I was sprayed with defoliants in Vietnam.  Is there compensation for being sprayed?

36.  Why would judge award my entire disability check to my spouse?

37.  How can I get proof of Agent Orange exposure while serving on U.S. Navy ship?

38.  When will I see money for my disabilities?

39.  Should I reapply for additional compensation?

40.  eBenefits hacked.  How do I get my money back?

41.  Is my disability service-connected?

42.  What is the fastest and best way to apply for benefits?

43.  Can I apply for benefits for my spouse?

44.  Can VA stop my clothing allowance?

45.  Can I reopen a claim for neuropathy?

46.  Can I file for 100% unemployable when I turn 65 years-old?

47.  How do I apply for an increased rating?

48.  How much will my wife get when I die?

49.  Can I add to my list of disabilities?

50.  Are sleep apena claims compensable?

51.  What am I supposed to do with civilian medical bills?

52.  Why did the VA lower my monthly compensation?

53.  How can I quickly find out about the status of my claim?

54.  Will VA pay for botched surgery with monetary compensation?

55.  Am I eligible for back pay from time of original diagnosis?

56.  Can I file a claim for ED due to medication side effect?

57.  Who can I contact to get my claim on the books?

58.  Spouse is 100%.  Other than his monthly compensation what else are we entitled to?

59.  Can I receive compensation for a disability that is not service-connected?

60.  I'm 100% unemployable.  Would it be worth it to open another claim for cancer?

61.  Why does the VA take so long to complete an appeal?

62.  Can I apply for life insurance after a long period of time?

63.  Can I get compensation for old disability shown on old records?

64.  How do I prove my claim to the VA?

65.  Am I qualified for SMC Compensation?

66.  Will it be ok for me to work?

67.  Why was he denied benefits?

68.  How do you know when your monthly compensation is permanent?

69.  How do I locate my Army medical records?

70.  Can anyone tell me what the monthly compensation award is for SMC "Special K?"

71.  Why is SSDI deducting money from my monthly check for Medicare?

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