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Army Reunion

Reunion Name: Army Security Agency Reunion

Military Branch: Army

Reunion Date: September 1, 2017

Reunion Start Time: 12:00pm

Location:    Kingston

                   9651 Dry Run Rd.

                   Kingston, OH  45644

POC: Dennis Mitzner

POC Telephone: 708-363-5119

POC Email:

CommentsWe are a group of ASA Veterans who, for the most part, separated from active duty in the early 1970's after having served in Asmara, Ethiopia; Chitose, Japan; Shemya, Alaska or Sinop, Turkey.

We were basically in the SPACOL/ELINT spectrum of military intelligence.

Our group, scattered throughout the world, gets together every few years to rehash old war stories and commiserate with each other and spouses.

Being in our early to mid-seventies, our activities are devoted to telling stories, bringing family information up to date and the occasional bending of the arm. And there is Japanese food too, since that was a two-year tour.