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Why do they not recognize bladder cancer as a result from agent orange?  I had to have my bladder removed as well as my prostrate, so why do they not recognize this?



A1:  The VA will compensate forbladder cancer if the veteran shows it occurred as a result of military service, such as being diagnosed and treated in the military, or it occurs 1 year after discharged from the military. Any condition found within 1 year of discharge is considered service connected.  (PW)  12/1/16

A2:  A new review of Agent Orange research found evidence that bladder cancer and hypothyroidism are more strongly linked to exposure to the herbicide than previously thought. Check this link:  (AP)  12/2/16

A3:  AP said it right. The present administration is waiting for the next one to authorize bladder cancer, headaches, etc.  (CP)  12/19/16

A4:  The VA will recognize any condition as service connected if you can show proof that sustained or exposed (as in toxins) while on active duty and have been diagnosed with the injury or illness.  The VA then only pay benefits if you are receiving treatment and suffering from it.  The within one year rule mentioned by (PW) is not totally correct. Some conditions do not develop until years later. But promptly have it diagnose and treat the higher chance of a successful claim.  (LK)  1/31/17



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