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Does anyone know where  I can find my military records from Germany?  I can’t find any of the records from Schabach, as in my unit.


A1:  Military records are stored in several locations based on your branch of service, and whether you were active or not. National Guard records are stored in each respective state. Active duty records are stored based on your date of discharge, with most of them being in St Louis at the National Personnel Records Center. Page 3 of the SF 180 lists the addresses of the repositories.  (AP)  12/2/16

A2:  It sounds like your trying to get this information without going thru a VSO (Veterans Service Organization). They will help you fill out the proper forms and send them in to get this done. Better to go thru them if planning a claim as well as getting the records. Don't leave out getting all your medical records for the VA as well as all outside sources as well. Keep these records handy. Where you request the records for branch of service would help to know which one for there are different locales where they are stored.

Military Records Requests

U.S. Navy phone: 314-538-3935, Saint Louis Records
Federal Information Center phone: 1-800-6878-9889

National Personnel Records Center (NPRC)
Navy-USMC Records
9700 Page Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63132-5100

In letter request give: Name, Service Number, Social Security Number, Years Served Copy of Navy DD-21 takes 8 weeks to get them.  (JRM)  12/3/16

A3:  While I don't have a definitive answer I want to warn you DO NOT COUNT ON THOSE AT THE RECORDS HOLDING AREA IN ST LOUIS.  Even though they are tasked to look after our records they don't. And the sad part is you will never know unless there is a need from those records. And they place the burden of proof is on you.  (EL)  12/7/16


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