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Are all vets who fought in Vietnam during the war entitled to compensation?

A1:   No. There are many veterans from Vietnam that do not qualify for compensation because they do not have compensable conditions. In order to be entitled to compensation, a veteran must have a qualifying condition, a nexus of care for that condition, and be able to establish exposure to Agent Orange. For most veterans, this is simple. All they need is proof of one day with "boots on the ground." Veterans who cannot establish this proof have a harder time proving exposure, but the VA is listing ships that have exposure and "brown water" veterans qualify automatically. Seek assistance from your local DAV chapter.  (AP)  12/10/16
A2:  Any vetetan can claim compensation if they have evidence to show the issue occurred in military service, any condition aggravated by service, is deemed may have been the result of military service, or as with Vietnam veterans having been exposed to Agent Orange and suffered any recognized illness in the list of diseases caused by Agent Orange.  (PW)  12/10/16 
A3:   If a veteran who served in VN (in country) and was wounded of course they qualify for benefits if the wound has resulted in some sort of disability. If not in a combat situation or unit and they were injured in some manner and that injury or treatment of such injury appears in their service medical records then this is also compensable. Any injury while in the performance of their job is compensable no matter where the injury took place. In saying this you can also add into the fold exposure to agent orange which currently has fifteen diseases and conditions recognized by the VA as being exposed to the chemical.  Check the VA's website for the list of recognized diseases and conditions as the result of AO exposure. (TVH)  12/10/16


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