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I have history of Ischemic Heart Disease, Peripheral Neuropathy and Diabetes after 2 years in Vietnam. I have spent three+ years interacting with VSO's and Veterans Organizations and have made a total of Three structured interactions/appeals in response to their denial of claims due to no Boots on the ground, (I decided there was not any chances last year or this year for the House and Senate Bill to pass). I decided not to have a hearing in Washington and elected to withdraw my appeals. I now hear from veterans that Ischemic Heart Disease is going to be accepted. Is this true? What do I do now?

A1:  Ischemic Heart Disease is a presumptive condition for agent orange exposure, as is diabetes TY II. If the VA denied your claims because you were not "boots on the ground" then you need to establish exposure in some other way. What was your branch of service? Are you a "blue water" veteran? Was your ship one that is on the agent orange ship list for conceded exposure? Since you have these presumptive conditions, as well as peripheral neuropathy secondary to the diabetes, it is safe to assume that you were exposed somehow. You need to establish the connection.  (AP)  12/10/16
A2:  Ischemic Heart Disease is a "Presumptive Disease" associated with exposure to Herbicides (namely Agent Orange, Green, Purple and White).  (GB)  12/10/16 


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