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I have a situation I just ran across and nobody seems to know the answer.  I am in hopes someone can help me?  Back in 1998 or 1999 my friend was awarded a service connected disability of 0% for CONDITION OF THE SKELETAL SYSTEM, DX CODE 5299.  She has the paperwork showing the award.  Now here is the problem it has disappeared off her rated disability list and it seems the VA wants to deny it ever existed. What can I do to help her?

A1:  She should have the original paperwork where she was rated..if not , the VSO who filed will probably have it on record..or you could talk to your Congressman or Senator.  (RM)  12/7/16
A2:  If the rating was 0%, I would think that there was no rating at all. I started with 10% and then after about 7 or so years I rose to 40% and finally up to 100%. The 100% was slow in coming.  (JK)  12/8/16
A3:  There is no code 5299 in the 38 CFR. The last code under the musculoskeletal system is 5298 for the coccyx. Sometimes, codes are combined into new designations and the old codes are retired. That's probably what happened here.  (AP)  12/9/16
A4:  File a complaint on the VA and request a hearing. They put a plan in action to reduce my 10% to 0% by scheduling an increase for me.


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