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I served in Vietnam from 1967-68. During this time I had damage to both ears (Hearing Loss). I contacted VA and applied for hearing loss disable in 1998 and was sent a letter denying my claim without testing my hearing. Finally, in 2012 VA tested my hearing and found the damage. I feel I should get compensation dating back to when VA did not take the time to test my hearing. I have talked with other Vets who got compensation.  Am I right on this?

A1:   It's my understanding that there is no back pay for claims not submitted earlier. All claims are active as if the date you submit a claim or an Intent To File' only.  (JD)  12/7/16
A2:  There is no retro pay. The 38 CFR states that the date of claim is the date the condition began or the date the claim was filed, whichever is later. The only other option is to file under a clear and unmistakable error. Since you don't have a hearing test from 1998, you can't prove that the VA made an error concerning your hearing.  (AP)  12/8/16 


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