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My daughter's father served in Vietnam in 1971. He died at 39 is a massive heartache. My daughter has been on blood pressure medication since age 24. And her half-brother suffered 2 strokes before he was 30. Could this be caused by Agent Orange exposure? And is it too late to file a claim? Also, are children of the deceased veteran entitled to compensation?


A1:  There is no correlation between childhood illnesses for dependents of male Vietnam veterans except Spina Bifida and it has recently been downgraded by the Institute of Medicine. There are conditions for children of female Vietnam veterans. If the veteran was receiving compensation for the heart condition that caused his death, the children would have been entitled to compensation until age 21. Now that he is deceased, the situation is complicated. You should seek help from the local DAV chapter.  (AP)  12/5/16   


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