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I was injured by phosphorus and shrapnel in my back from a German parachute bomb while crossing a bridge near the Meuse River in November 1944. Military Police personal treated my injuries and sent me on my way. A VA doctor has recently examined the injury to my back. How do I go about getting a Purple Heart for this injury?



A1:  If it isn't noted in your military record contact a couple vets you served with and get notarized statements proving the same. If the scaring is severe enough and you can get a VA Dr. to state is is most likely a Phos. burn, then go to a VSO VETERANS SERVICE OFFICER. OR if you have proof that it was SERVICE connected in a combat issue contact your congressman/woman. The will get a reissue/issue and present it to you in some kind of ceremony.  (TP)  12/5/16

A2:  AR 672-5-1 is the regulation for awards and decorations for US Army. DA Form 638 is the form for submission for awards. It is normally submitted by the one who has knowledge of the action. Also, old Morning Reports DA Form 1 should have the incident in the report. Also old After Action Reports should contain the event. Also, google up the unit that the event occurred. Sometimes it will be in the history section of the home page. If you are in contact with someone who witnessed the event he can initiate the DA Form 638.  (GH)  12/5/16

A3:  Though obtaining two statements from others that may have been there during the incident or witnessing the incident directly is not enough to prove that you were wounded. The MOPH now requires a statement from the corpsman/medic that treated you for this injury. In this case a statement of fact would have to come from those that treated you.I am an independent veterans advocate who has dealt with this type of scenario a few times resulting in no Purple Heart for the individual.The restrictions have gotten much more difficult for these veterans to obtain their PH.  (TVH)  12/5/16



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