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A friend of mine who is 80% disabled passed away recently and his wife asked me if she is entitled to any benefits. Any help would be very appreciated.



A1:  He would be entitled to some burial benefits and if he died from or some portion of his disability his wife would be eligible for $1254.00 a month for the rest of her life get in touch with an veteran advocate either DAV, VFW, American Legion and they can guide her thru the process.  (MH) 11/30/16

A2:  If he retired he may have a sbp plan which is annuities.  (DW)  12/1/16

A3:  The wife could apply for her share and she should do just that. The VVA or any of the Service Groups is where ti start and soon. Also, she should check with Her Rep in Congress.  (JK)  12/5/16

A4:  If his death was service connected, she may be entitled to Dependency and Indemnity Compensation(DIC). She may also be entitled to burial benefits. The key is, his death has to be service-connected. The requirements for this benefit are: The Veteran died from an injury or disease deemed to be related to military service, OR

The Veteran died from a non service-related injury or disease, but was receiving, OR was entitled to receive, VA Compensation for service-connected disability that was rated as totally disabling

For at least 10 years immediately before death, OR

Since the Veteran's release from active duty and for at least five years immediately preceding death, OR

For at least one year before death if the Veteran was a former prisoner of war who died after September 30, 1999  (AP)  12/6/16

A5:  Dependent's Indemnity Compensation is based upon the veteran's death being caused by or partially caused by a service connected disability. That cause must be put on the veteran's death certificate. The good thing about this is that the death certificate can be amended if the disability is known by the doctor and the doctor can reasonably say that the disability was more likely than not a contributing factor to the death. It does not have to be the sole cause of death. Also, if the veteran died of a SC disability the burial benefits go from $350 to around $2,000.  (CP)  12/19/16


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