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Why was my monthly compensation benefit payment reduced? I have not received anything from the VA Waco office as to why.



A1:  You should contact the VA. There is always a letter sent out that outlines the proposed reduction. You have 60 days to answer this letter and request a hearing. Maybe the letter was lost in the mail.  (AP)  12/3/16

A2:  Unless your disability is considered permanent and total, the VA will review your medical status and if it finds improvement in your status, it will consider a reduction. It is up to you to get a medical reevaluation to establish your continued status.  (LC)  12/5/16

A3:  Pay close attention to what the VA does to reduce your benefits. The VA put me in on ebenefit for an increase on my hypertension and of course I was denied. A month later they sent me a reduction letter saying I was getting better. I take 4 pills a day. The VA can not put you in for an increase (That's falsifying documents) I file a complaint and requested a hearing. I got a one on one hearing told them what they had done. He looked in ebenefits and was shocked left the room came back and said I was right. I never got a reduction, I never got anything back in writing on the complaint or appeal. I feel sorry for the older veterans that could not challenge this situation because I know I was not the first.  (DW)  1/1/17

A4:  In part your condition was not static. The VA will pay temporary compensation at 100% for certain conditions if they are service connected. Let's assume you are service connected for a heart problem and condition worsens. By exam and medical records the VA can grant temporary 100%. If the condition become unattenible then it can be moved to P and T. However, let's say you need open heart surgery, you will receive temporary 100% for a period of time until the condition is deemed significantly improve. The the VA will reduce this rating to the appropriate %, or to 0%. The VA will not pay 100% forever when the condition has been returned to normal functioning or cured.  (PW)  3/1/17



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