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I still don't understand since I put an appeal for a disability.  Why does it take for a second appeal for same disability that was sent to Washington DC?



A1:  If you were turned down when you filed the first time, you can reapply and if you are thinking about doing it, you should go to The DAV or any of the other service groups and have them fight for you. If you still have anything from your military health records that you did not enter with your first disability push, take it with you to the Service Office. If you do not have your military health records then you need to get them as well as you 201 Personnel File. Never quit filling for your disability.  (JK)  12/2/16

A2:  You are still on the appeal process, but you appear to be at the BVA level and need to file a VA Form 9 Appeal to the Board of Veterans' Appeals.  (CP)  12/19/16


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