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How do I get information on Erectile Dysfunction for compensation from VA? I have had Ed for years and didn't know that it was a benefit/compensation disabilty.



A1:  I am pretty sure that the VA pays 30% for ed. I have had the same problem since my prostrate was removed in 2007 and had 2 penile implants and they both got infected. I am going in for the 3rd one next week and hopefully the last. I am getting 100% disability because of problems from agent orange. Depending on what your problem is you might consider an implant. Good luck.  (JD)  12/1/16

A2:  Submit a VA Form 3288 to the VA Regional Office through Janesville Wisconsin for release of your records to you. You will get one copy and make sure that you make copies and keep somewhere safe. Or go to the County Veteran Service Office and have them help by requesting a copy of your C-file.  (CP)  12/19/16

A3:  The wrong answer got put in your request for response. ED is called loss of a creative organ in 38 USC and is normally a secondary condition. The most normal ones that cause the ED are: Back conditions; prostate cancer, diabetes mellitus, etc.  (CP)  12/19/16

A4:  I have ED; the VA does NOT give me a disability rating on it ....what they do give is a $ Dollar amount that equates to a 10% disability amount. (MG)  12/22/16

A5:  I got 0% for ED secondary for taking hypertension medication. It pays a little over $100.  (DW)  1/1/17 


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