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I keep getting denied by VA for my request for retroactive compensation. My contention has been that VA never gave me options when they denied my original application for medical benefits based on my income. In order to support my claim, I have repeatedly requested a copy of the original denial and so far VA has not produced it. Help?



A1:  If you filed your claim yourself, then the VA is the only agency with the letter. If you used the DAV, then they would have a copy at the regional office. This is why the DAV does not recommend sending anything to the VA directly. You can also try going to the local county veteran service officer.  (AP)  12/3/16

A2:  Submit a VA Form 3288 to the VA Regional Office through Janesville Wisconsin for release of your records to you. You will get one copy and make sure that you make copies and keep somewhere safe. Or go to the County Veteran Service Office and have them help by requesting a copy of your C-file.  (CP)  12/19/16


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